Github pages is something I've recently heard of and I really like it from the begging although I didn't exactly knew how is working. The main idea is that you will use a github repository to serve your site or blog.

Main benefits

For me these are the main benefits in using github pages:

  • I have complete control of my site not being constrained in any way by a blogging platform.

  • No database is involved since github pages will serve only static html. Pages will be produced using Jekyll (more on this in future post).

  • It's completely free so I don't need to bother looking for hosting options. And it has very good performance.

  • It uses markdown for create and edit posts. Beside that github offers in-browser support for markdown which means that I can create or edit posts directly from browser.

  • Since github pages uses github repositories it means that anyone can contribute to the website by sending a pull request. So please fell free to send any changes or if you see any spelling errors you can directly correct them, all you need to do is go to the repository and submit a pull request .

  • If anyone has any suggestions on various features I can add or any changes please let me know by creating an issue or drop me a line.

I really like github pages because it's very simple to use and it's emphasizes collaboration so anyone can become a contributor to the blog.