This is my personal blog. Everything written here is written by me, and is my opinion. This is my content, and I am the person responsible. Not the company I work for right now, not my colleagues, not anyone else.

I'm Romulus Crisan, Developer Evangelist at SDL. I’m a passionate and trustworthy software developer that you can often find speaking about technology at various translation and localization industry events or developer conferences. I'm also guiding other developers and technology partners to be successful in working with various frameworks and API’s by writing, doing trainings and workshops or via developer communities. I’m a problem solver with expertise that spans on a significant number of different subject areas, like translation, finance or digital media. My constant curiosity keeps me in a good shape regarding new technologies and gadgets of which I love read, learn and of course experiment.


I've worked for 7 years at Endava with the last 3 years being responsible for people management and enterprise and application architecture. I took part into planning the hiring strategy, creating the ramp-up plans for new team members and creating a line management structure that was responsible for employee training, development and motivation.