This is my personal blog. Everything written here is written by me, and is my opinion. This is my content, and I am the person responsible. Not the company I work for right now, not my colleagues, not anyone else.

I'm Romulus Crisan, Director of Engineering at SDL. I'm heading up translation productivity engineering, a backend, web, native desktop applications group. Building Trados Studio, Trados Live, Trados GroupShare, MultiTerm and Passolo.

Challenges include building and growing the team by 30% in 2 years, building an easy-enough to extend platform, building new cloud offering, having a great UX that keeps familiarity and is easy to use, and delivering more, and faster, while dealing with both legacy and new codebases.

Developer Evangelist

As a developer evangelist at SDL my focus was split between various activities and initiatives, like:

  • Help developers and technology professionals via the language developer community or by writing, doing trainings or workshops.
  • Drive Open-source software initiative for SDL AppStore applications and plugins. During this period more than 30 plugins and applications where open-sourced here.
  • Manage and grow SDL AppStore team.
  • Provide technical assistance pre-sales process.
  • Speak about SDL product APIs and technology at various industry and company events.
  • Sustain developer workshops.
  • Create and build GroupShareKit and SDL Studio Community Toolkit libraries. This are API helper libraries that simplify developers work when consuming SDL product APIsfor SDL Trados Studio and GroupShare.


I've worked for 7 years at Endava with the last 3 years being responsible for people management and enterprise and application architecture. I took part into planning the hiring strategy, creating the ramp-up plans for new team members and creating a line management structure that was responsible for employee training, development and motivation.