One of my personal objectives for this year was to attend as a speaker to local community developer conferences. Most known,at least by me, are ITCamp and Codecamp. ITCamp is held once a year in Cluj-Napoca and Codecamp is held twice a year in Iasi, although there are some smaller Codecamp events in Cluj those are not related. I'm really happy that this year I had the opportunity to participate at all 3 events, so a big big thanks to the organizers for having me.


I've never been to Iasi until this year and I can't say that I've seen too much of it since both times I've been there I was caught up with Codecamp event. Although I've haven't seen much of the city I've met really nice people which are really passionate about software industry. Each event had more than 1400 participants which I believe it's a really big achievement. The fact that there is no fee to participate at the conference opened the door even to students which had a great opportunity to get in touch with the industry and basically their future. The event is also for seniors who can find lots interesting topics and a good place to network.

For me Codecamp was a nice experience and I can't wait for the next edition which will probably happen in spring 2015. Kudos to Florin Cardasim, Gabriel Enea and Dan Nicola who believed in their ideas and made this possible.

My sessions

I had two session which I presented this year at Codecamp. The first one which I've done in may is Information Exchange using Hybrid Azure Integration. In this session I'm talking about ways we can integrate on-premise LOB applications with azure cloud solutions based on messaging pattern. The second session which I had last weekend is Click'n'Deploy. This one was done together with Radu Pascal and it was my first duet session. In this talk we present our approach on enabling continuous integration and continuous deployment using TFS Build, Gulp and Octopus Deploy. During the session we showed how we've implemented it in a real life example.

If want to see more pictures have a look here.

Information Exchange using Hybrid Azure Integration slides

Click'n'Deploy slides

Please leave a comment if you have any questions or feedback. If you are interested in presenting this sessions just send me an email.