I love small and simple things that help me be more productive with my work. This is the main reasons why some time ago I started to work on GroupShareKit and I'm now happy to say that this is now available for everyone to use it as they like. Not only that you can use it but is completely open source.

What is GroupShareKit?

GroupShareKit is a client library targeting .NET 4.5 and above that provides an easy way to interact with GroupShare Rest API. This library will greatly simplify and reduce the work a developer has to do in order to consume resources available in GroupShare by reducing the amount of boilerplate code and configuration that has to be written. This way the developer can focus his time and work on the actual implementation that has to be done.

Another benefit of this library is that you don't have to actually understand how rest API's are working since all this will be completely hidden. If you are not sure what an rest API is please have a look here.

How do I start?

Using GroupShareKit library is very simple and it doesn't require to run any installer, all you have to do is a few clicks inside Microsoft Visual Studio. The first step you need to do is to open the project where you want to use GroupShareKit in Visual Studio. After the project is opened go in the Solution Explorer area (if you can't find it just press CTRL+ALT+L inside Visual Studio), then right click on the project References and select Manage Nuget packages...(if you can't see this option have a look here). This action will open a window where you need to search for GroupShareKit and once you get the result just click the install button. That's all, you can start use the GroupShareKit library in your project.


For more details please have a look here. If you don't find an answer don't hesitate to ask a question on language developer community.


GroupShareKit is open source and published under MIT License so if you would like to add a new feature or you find a bug please don't hesitate to use the issue tracker. Of course you can do more than that by actually implementing the feature or the fix your looking for. Also you might find issues that are already opened with which you might be able to help. More about that here.

If you wonder why should you contribute to open source projects read this article.

Happy coding

I'm really keen to hear about your experience with the library and what kind of integration you've done.

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.

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