OpenExchange was launched a few years back by SDL with the purpose to allow anyone to integrate their solutions or ideas with the SDL language platform. This gave everyone freedom to augment the SDL language platform according to their needs. Because of this freedom, apps like Glossary Converter, MSWord Grammar Checker and many others where possible. It's pretty obvious that this brings great value to every SDL language platform user, but how about building those apps? From where should I start? I'm a translator do I need to write code? I have no idea about the translation industry, what can I do?

Age of developers

This is the introduction article for a series of blog posts that I'm about to write about how you can develop apps or plugins for OpenExchange throughout which I will answer the above questions and many others. If you're not a developer but you would like to be able to build something don't worry I will show you how you can start learn programming, if you are a developer already but don't have a clue about translation industry and what can you do I got you covered as well. I will start from ground zero providing step by step explanation on how you need to setup the development environment, what tools you need and from where you can get them. Throughout the series I will develop a plugin and share with you the steps I'm doing and also the source code.

As I release parts of this series I will update this page with links to the articles.

  1. Introduction
  2. I'm a translator do I need to write code?
  3. I'm a developer, why bother with translation industry?
  4. Configure OpenExchange development environment
  5. OpenExchange:Where do I start?
  6. About SDL Studio SDK

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