Now that I written some articles around my journey to start a blog I think it might be very useful to have a short summary of my journey.

The Journey

Well I was thinking to start a blog for sometime because of the reasons I've pointed in my first article Why a blog ?. This is a technical blog since I will write most of the time about software development and various technologies in an attempt to share my knowledge and experience but also because I want to us it as a brain dump. From time to time I might write about some other things but probably still around technology.

Finally this year I started looking for various options to host a blog and I ended up using Github pages. Why I made this option I've detailed in my blog post Why I choose Github pages. Github pages is powered by a very nice and interesting framework called Jekyll for which I wrote an introduction in my article The engine behing my blog. Since my work is most of the time in Microsoft world I had to install Jekyll on Windows which is not necessarily straight forward so I described an easier alternative using chocolatey in my article Install Jekyll using chocolatey.

I'm really glad that finally I manage to start this blog but I guess the real challenge comes now when I will need to actually use it and keep it alive. I hope you will find my journey useful to decide start a blog or if you are already decided to assist in your steps to get the blog started.