This week I had my last day as an Endava employee since I've accepted a new challenge, but more about that in a later post. Endava is a company that constantly tries to improve based on previous experiences and feedback so last week I had brief exit interview which is meant to provide feedback to the company. I have to admit that I really enjoyed this last discussion where I had one last opportunity to directly share my ideas with Endava.

My journey with Endava was about 7 years and a half. All this years had a great impact on my career and who am I today. When I joined the company I was a naive developer who was just interested in writing some code but slowly that changed because the company was constantly taking care of my growth and career path. I really think that Endava provides a great working environment where you can learn, grow and expand your skills regardless of the fact that you are just starting your career or you have several years of experience.

Certainly I will miss my colleagues from Endava with which I shared so many great experiences, but I'm still going to be around so don't be a stranger suddenly. I want to thank you all for your great support and help during all this years.

But because I'm leaving it doesn't mean that we can't stay in touch. For sure I'm going to post more often on this blog so you can leave a comment or find me on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Gmail.

Thanks Endava for all this great years.